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Buy CoviCoin

Ready to hop on the surging rocket, while investing for a good cause? Head over to Pancakeswap with the contract address to swap for CoviCoins. If in doubt, refer to the guide below.

Buy on Pancakeswap

Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a simple 6-step guide on how to purchase CoviCoins
securely using your mobile phone. The entire process is
expected to take no more than 15 minutes.

Step 1

Create a Crypto Wallet

Get started by downloading Trust Wallet, a globally recognized crypto wallet available on both iOS and Android. Tap on “Create a new wallet” upon launching the app and follow the steps.

Step 2

Add CoviCoin to the Wallet

Tap on the icon on the top right and paste the CoviCoin contract address into the search box. Once CoviCoin appears, toggle the switch to add it to your wallet.

Step 3

Buy Binance Smart Chain Tokens

Within the main wallet, tap on “Smart Chain” and buy BNBs in USD, depending on the amount you intend to invest.

Step 4

Open Browser and Select Network

Open the browser within Trust Wallet (2nd option in the bottom menu) and visit https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/. Within the browser window that pops up, tap on the Ethereum icon at the top left and select the“Smart Chain” network.

If you are using an iPhone and the browser tab is not visible in the bottom menu, simply open Safari and type trust://browser_enable to instantly have it enabled.

Step 5

Configure Transaction Settings

Tap the configuration icon within the exchange section and set slippage tolerance to 11%. The default transaction deadline of 20 minutes is fine.

Step 6

Get Your CoviCoins!

Set the number of BNBs you want to swap (or simply hit MAX to swap all). Under the “To” field, tap “Select a currency” and paste the CoviCoin contract address. Lastly, hit Swap and you will become a part of the CoviCoin community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, you can find details on BscScan here.

CoviCoin is built as an alternative currency for global healthcare, and is also the principal currency of Project X - a unified global framework for healthcare systems.

By progressing through several key milestones, CoviCoin is slated to become a globally recognised and adopted healthcare currency by 2024.

In practical terms, this currency will eventually be used to subsidise healthcare for anyone, anywhere; regardless of ethnicity, language, religion, or gender. You can find out more about the potential of CoviCoin here.

CoviCoin is the brainchild of a diverse team that comprises individuals from different parts of the globe. You can find out more about our founders here.

The CoviCoin contract had been audited by Techrate, the report can be viewed here. There exists no mint function within the contract, and all tokens outside of the presale will be burned. Additionally, the liquidity pool from the presale will be locked for an impressive period of 30 years till August 2051.